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Warranty statement of AIR2GO GmbH

In addition to the legal warranty according to HGB §377, AIR2GO GmbH grants a warranty of 12 months with the purchase of a new AIR2GO respirator mask. The warranty period begins with the date of invoice and is subject to the following conditions:

1. within the warranty period we will repair free of charge all damages or defects of the device that can be proven to be due to a manufacturing or material defect. The warranty does not cover easily breakable parts, such as glass or consumable and wearing parts.

2. the warranty services can only be claimed against presentation of a proof of delivery (delivery bill or invoice), the way of repairing the damage (repair or replacement) is at the discretion of AIR2GO GmbH. Warranty services do not result in an extension of the warranty period, nor will a new warranty be initiated. There is no independent warranty period for installed spare parts.

3. are excluded from the warranty: Damage caused by improper use, operating errors, mechanical stress or non-observance of the operating instructions as well as damage caused by force majeure or exceptional environmental conditions.

4. the warranty includes all errors that impair the proper functioning of the device due to technical defects of individual parts. The warranty obligation can only be accepted by us if the device has been used properly in accordance with its intended purpose and no attempts at repair have been made by the customer himself or by third parties. The warranty claim does not extend to faults which are due to mechanical damage or if the device is operated with supplementary accessories of foreign origin.

5. the warranty claim also expires if interventions, modifications or repairs are carried out on the device by persons who are not authorized to do so.

6. the warranty claim exists only against customers of AIR2GO GmbH, it cannot be transferred to third parties.

7. information on products purchased through dealers and distributors can be found in the return policy of the dealer where they were originally purchased. All products eligible for return or replacement by the original distributor should be submitted through that distributor.


It's that simple

In case of a warranty claim, please contact us in advance by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at +49 (0) 7062 9799422. Our support team will send you a return form by e-mail. Alternatively, you can ask your local AIR2GO dealer to handle the return shipment.
The rejected unit must be returned to our factory completely free of freight or postage. After repair we will return the device free of charge. We will charge for any repair parts that are not covered by the warranty. The return of the device to us is always considered to be a complete order for the repair of all damages or replacement of missing parts, if the customer does not expressly exclude partial services. Further claims for cancellation or reduction and replacement of damages of any kind, in particular also for damages that did not occur to the delivered item itself, are excluded.
If there is a warranty case and we carry out the repair or replacement, the warranty period does not start anew from the moment of receipt of the repaired or replaced goods. The warranty period therefore always ends, regardless of any warranty cases, with the expiry of the 2 years, calculated from the date of purchase.

Repairs outside the warranty

At AIR2GO, SUSTAINABILITY is a top priority. The best contribution is to repair the breathing mask instead of throwing it away. Therefore we offer you our repair service independent of our warranty terms.
The aim of our repair service is to extend the life cycle of our products, because we all know that such a breathing mask has to endure a lot during its lifetime.

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